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Cancer Wellness - Connections program promotion Cancer wellness - Connections program

Have you had projects that you never got to complete? A to-do list with blank spaces where there should be ticks? A to-be-read pile that, like The Magic Pudding, just keeps getting bigger? Yes, me too.

My team had a most successful 2014-15 developing and delivering the Connections program; creating Mood Boosting Books, Cancer Wellness, Dementia Awareness, and LGBTI Rainbow Connections, and planning more. We created eBooks featuring resources with links to the collection, used Goodreads and physical displays, and delivered sessions out in the community. We had the strongest connection with the cancer support groups, speaking at several Survivor workshops at the local hospital.
I am most proud, though, of the LGBTI program, and most disappointed that I had to leave it only half done.

I got a new and better job in an academic library; and while my professional focus has shifted, my professional interest and skills development in readers engagement continues.

My team and I created and published the LGBTI eBook and added Goodreads content with support from the local Stand Up With Pride group. We added two online magazines to the library’s Zinio collection; Out and The Advocate, which was well received by the local LGBTI community, but needs more regular promotion. I didn’t get to the stage of presenting in the community about the resources but I am confident that the new team will take on this challenge to meet young LGBTI people at Headspace, to promote the resources at the local hotel, and in schools.

We revived the QR code label strategy first used in our Beyond Chocolat program to extend the program’s reach. When people find one of the recommended books on the shelf, they will see that there are more resources to discover.

In a first for the library, and Connections, we collaborated with Council’s Parks Department to promote the Cancer Wellness titles in a local park. Parks staff created a breast cancer awareness garden with many varieties of pink flowering plants and a pink rotunda. The information sign includes a QR code and some linking information to the library’s online site.

Read about the inspiration for LGBTI Rainbow Connections here.

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Access the eBooks here

Check out the Goodreads shelves here: LGBTI, explore the other shelves here.

LGBTI Rainbow Connections - QR code label

Label on The Price of Salt, alerting readers to other titles in the collection


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