reading matters, so let's make public library reader services awesome!


‘All reading is reading no matter the format’ or purpose*

Print books, eBooks, maps, newspapers, newsfeeds, recipes, blogs, magazines, timetables, websites, blurbs, editorials, conference papers, fine-print, large-print, reports, statements, audiobooks, podcasts, movies, plays, poems, graffiti, magnetic-poetry, signs, comics, posters, artistic statements, lyrics, music, contracts, fiction, information, stories, wordgames, books, texts, notices, photographs, plans, symbols, tattoos, tweets, posts, letters, zines, reviews…

Remembering why we read – blog post ‘ reading offers the chance to connect to deeper levels in oneself.’

* Read Watch Play Online Reading Group. (2013). What is reading? Read Watch Play. 

I’m a constant reader and I like to read fiction books on the couch, also microfiction, articles and my twitter feed on my phone. I’m a great fan of the theatre, poetry, and conceptual wordart. Reading is a thing I do.

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