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Watch the movie, think of the library


Cate Blanchett’s new movie, Carol, will be released in Australia on 14 January. It’s based on Patricia Highsmith’s groundbreaking 1952 novel The Price of Salt. The various editions of this book (revised, Chinese, Serbian, audiobook, etc) are available across 76 libraries in Australia according to Trove.

I included The Price of Salt in the Rainbow Connections LGBTI eBook earlier this year.
I am interested to know what other libraries will be doing to promote linkages between Carol the movie and Carol/The Price of Salt book.
Do librarians consult with cinemas and theatres to capitalise on movie marketing for their print and eBook collections?

carol2Do librarians track movie releases that complement their collections? It could be as simple as searching on books becoming movies 2015  or on IMDB ‘based on novel feature films released in 2015′. The standout for me is the very popular Jo Jo Moyes’ You Before Me. Librarians could go all out marketing this linkage.

What are the aims of promoting these linkages and of collection-based programming generally?

  1. promote the value of reading
  2. encourage connections and partnerships between various community organisations
  3. with strong readers’ engagement programming, translate movie viewers into book readers and vice versa – get that collection circulating and get people talking about the themes, the differences between film and text, the value of film and of books, etc.

Some of the movie/books of 2016 would also have graphic novels or comic versions (Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein) or a local angle (M. L. Stedman’s Light Between Oceans), a contemporary setting, or a web series, etc.

Read more about Carol here

Do you notice a spike in requests for a book when the movie comes out? How do you promote book/movie combinations in your library?

Update: A post on your Facebook page with a link to ’28 great books that will get the movie treatment in 2016′ is not readers advisory. It’s a repost of PopSugar’s post. Readers advisors dig deeper, give more, and receive more.


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