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Reading for health partnerships

ALIA has partnered with Think Pink for a national breast cancer awareness promotion in October. They have included a reading list with their downloadable resources. There is some crossover with … Continue reading

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readers services notes #4 and RA module online at ConnectED

Talking about staff development… Jo and I were invited to write a self-paced online learning program for State Library of Queensland’s ConnectED ! It’s available now at I hope it … Continue reading

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5 Things Librarians should be doing to champion reading

Just five things, but I’m sure we can think of more… (There’s a lot more to it than recommending a good book to a customer).

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from blog words to magazine words

Words! I could swim in them! I have a new (extra) job working with words, and I couldn’t be happier about it. I’ve recently started working for Books + Publishing to … Continue reading

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Lending eReaders

Our library plans to develop a program this year on lending preloaded eReaders. Many libraries do this already, including a couple of places where I know the librarians so will … Continue reading

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opportunity knocks

A very little post today for #blogjune. Being awarded the research grant was an exciting opportunity for me, allowing me to explore something that I was interested in and then … Continue reading

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prescriptive bibliotherapy: possibilities part 3

Prescriptive Bibliotherapy Prescriptive Bibliotherapy requires strong partnerships with medical professionals to recommend authoritative resources for use as ‘reading prescriptions’ supplied by the library service. (Jennie Bolitho, 2009) Books on Prescription schemes are … Continue reading

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Opening the Book across Australia?

I finally caught up with the March Incite article featuring Anne Downes and Rachel Van Riel of UK’s Opening the Book readers advisory staff development program and its success in Victorian … Continue reading

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creative bibliotherapy: possibilities part 2

Creative, or social, bibliotherapy is another strong example of a connection-based community service gaining ground in public library service. With a focus on social inclusion and community collaborations, creative bibliotherapy programs … Continue reading

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self-help bibliotherapy: possibilities part 1

Reading Well Mood Boosting Books is a UK promotion of uplifting titles, including novels, poetry and non-fiction. The books have been recommended by readers. Reading Well is an initiative of The … Continue reading

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