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100 Stories


Our seawater hearts: an 8 word story

I’ve finished my Graduate Certificate in Editing and Publishing more in love with writing and reading than ever. My immediate plans are all connected with words:

  • developing my editing business
  • researching family history to write an historical fiction novel
  • writing for the #8WordStory project at @QldWriters in October/November (thousands of great reads over there already)
  • write 100 micro-stories with word counts between 8 and 100 words (#100Stories)
    • I’m keen to establish a habit of creative practice, and writing short stories and poems is a great kickstart. I’m going to publish some of my stories online individually and then in a printable zine
    • I’m not starting with a set theme. I’ve got a few writing prompt sites that I’ll use if I need to. I’ll note the prompt’s origin if I do use them.

More about micro-fiction, and some writing prompt sites:



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