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readers services notes #4 and RA module online at ConnectED

Talking about staff development… Jo and I were invited to write a self-paced online learning program for State Library of Queensland’s ConnectED !
It’s available now at I hope it opens people’s minds to the possibilities of how and where public libraries can connect people with reading.

Thank you to Michelle Hughes for this awesome opportunity, and to the Queensland public library staff who tested the module for us and gave such encouraging feedback – especially that they were keen to take it to their staff.

Staff development underpins a great readers service. Readers services notes #4 highlights a few avenues I recommend.
My journey began with in-person training with Paul Brown. Paul’s innovative and challenging ideas and philosophies on readers service (and his experience) have inspired me to learn more, do more, and achieve more  in public library practice. Thanks Paul.

Have fun, and let me know what works for you!

Download the notes here: reader-services-notes_4_staff-development

#4 readers services notes: staff development

Find all the notes on the blog here


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