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from blog words to magazine words

Words! I could swim in them! I have a new (extra) job working with words, and I couldn’t be happier about it. I’ve recently started working for Books + Publishing to write the weekly library news for their online newsletter. It’s available for subscription here.

Thanks to Erin York from ALIA for suggesting me for the job (because of my online writing), and to B + P’s Editor-in-Chief Andrea Hanke for having me on board. It’s an interesting process being edited, and I’m enjoying learning what works in a professional publication.

There’s Australian and international library news each week, and I’m keen to hear from staff in libraries about what’s happening so I can share your news with everyone. I gather news from a lot of different sources, but I’d like to include staff quotes and experiences as much as possible.

Thanks to Jo Beazley, Cath Sheard, Baruk Jacob, Hamish Lindop, Rachel Franks and Sally Pewhairangi for input over these past couple of weeks. I look forward to sharing more library news!








One comment on “from blog words to magazine words

  1. currankentucky
    July 2, 2014

    Enjoy the new project. Being surrounded by words is the only way to live!

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