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opportunity knocks

A very little post today for #blogjune. Being awarded the research grant was an exciting opportunity for me, allowing me to explore something that I was interested in and then developed a passion for. Working with Jo was the best part of all of course. The flow-on opportunities enabled us to continue exploring and sharing with our professional communities, and we noted some of those in our report. Since then we’ve been offered two more wonderful opportunities because of our research but I’ve not wanted to blog about them until they come to fruition.
Unfortunately, that’s taking a long time. But I’d really like to mention generally what opportunities have come our way as a result of our work together.

  • We were invited to write a learning module on readers advisory practice for library staff (it’s written, just not live yet because of delays with the site).
  • We were invited to present about reading maps at a conference  (the conference was just today postponed because of a clash with another conference for that library sector).

I am grateful for the opportunities, and trying to relax about the delays despite wanting to just get out and share all this good stuff!

Update to this. The universe works in strange ways. I just now received an invitation to write about libraries. I am so excited and enthused and more than a little dazed. Again, no details until it actually happens 🙂


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