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Stories everywhere

How can you give local writers a platform for their work?
Libraries are shifting towards working with their communities to create content – how can you ensure stories and poems are everywhere (and not only in books)?

Matt Blackwood has many brilliant ideas on his site to encourage communities to make reading and writing an integral part of daily life. His civic publishing ideas list ranges from presenting poetry and six word stories on traffic signal boxes (76) to locative microstories and poems stencilled on select rollerdoors (60) and typographic sculptures telling locative stories (121). Read them all here and contribute more to @MattyBlackwood with #CityOfLiteratureInitiative.

And Matt Finch has ideas all over his blog about nurturing writers and creators. Read about Parkes’ Book Publishing Workshop.

Get inspired by Robert Montgomery > Street art meets poetry: Poems on billboards by Robert Montgomery
Robert Montgomery

and Anna Garforth’s Moss Writing.
Grow by Anna Garforth

Recreate Frankston’s poetry bombing,

and make Angie’s Story shoes.

Walking in Story Shoes

@MattyBlackwood proposing #StoriesEverywhere, like #ArtEverywhere, for Melbourne as #CityOfLiterature.

@MattyBlackwood on #StoriesEverywhere

The local Writers and Publishers Centre is presenting Write Cafe with a handful of local writers working in cafes (including a library cafe), along similar lines to Australian Poetry’s Cafe Poets. Library staff plan to support this local initiative with a video interview and a video reading uploaded to their Facebook page.

Where’s your platform for local writers?


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