reading matters, so let's make public library reader services awesome!

readers services notes #3

readers services notes #3 - talking about reading   readers services #3 - talking about reading - staff picks draft template#Readingbingo
Talking about reading: If your staff don’t read, or don’t feel comfortable talking about reading with others, or don’t read about reading, then those should be your immediate staff development focus points – and considerations for your next recruitment drive.

Download the notes here: reader-services-notes_3_talking-about-reading 

Try #readingbingo with your staff and then extend it to your reading community. You could make up your own (I’d like one that covers more categories of reading rather than just fiction books

Read about Chris Orpen’s successful staff picks program at Logan North
Chris and her team’s dedication to sharing conversations about reading has been emulated by Jo Beazley at Oakey Library and Briengan Rodgers at Tablelands. I’ve had a go at creating one myself (above). It’s wonderful to see a great idea shared the length of Queensland!

Thanks Jo for sharing your staff picks!

Jo Beazley staff picks

Find all the readers services notes on the blog here.


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