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best reads of 2013

some of my best reads of 2013

I’ve read some great books this year; some recommended to me, others were random picks off the shelf. I’ve nearly reached my projected target of 50 books for the year, and am grateful for the tracking widget on Goodreads. 

There’s a mix of short stories, memoirs, and fiction. Two of those pictured are from our reading maps programs. I met one of the authors (Fiona McIntosh) and I saw Anh Do’s show at the theatre. One of the authors grew up in a place I used to live.
Last Drinks was the fourth book I read about the Fitzgerald Inquiry years in Queensland; two fiction and two nonfiction from different perspectives (journalist, honest cop, protester, crooked cop). I read them just after I’d stayed in a hotel in inner-Brisbane in an area represented in the books. Fabulous insight into recent history!
We’re launching our library’s Goodreads site with Great Summer Reads – featuring staff picks of 2013.
I would like to grow the program into a biannual showcase of staff recommendations for our community, perhaps in the future complementing the online presentation with a booktalk.
The best story came to us at the QPLA conference recently. A great librarian told us that she had implemented a program she’d read about on our project blog about staff recommendation displays, and that she had 100% staff involvement. The librarian who had guest blogged her program was also at the conference so we got the two together.
We’re very keen on program sharing state-wide and nationally, and to see this in action was amazing. The two librarians work in libraries nearly 2000kms apart. You can re-read Chris’ post  here  .
Chris has great statistics – Using this method we have loaned over 11,000 ‘staff picks’ in the last 12 months.


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