reading matters, so let's make public library reader services awesome!

Form-based readers advisory service

Join the CODES RA Committee on 24 and 25 September for the discussion on form-based readers advisory service. Subscribe to the free, moderated discussion here

This CODES Conversation will cover ‘all aspects of form-based RA, from practicalities such would form-based RA work well at your library, how long should forms be, and how to put together a team to respond, to more general questions focused on talking with readers and making suggestions that surprise and delight.’
Prep with the resource guide here 

Me Before You: recommended
to me this week by Jodie
after our conversation ranged
from The Lavender Keeper >
The Girl You Left Behind >
Me Before You.

Also, there’s an ALA eCourse running over six weeks: Rethinking Readers Advisory – an Interactive Approach here.

What books have people recommended for you and did you enjoy them?

How does your library service recommend for people?

What training do staff have to offer this service?

How would reader services training benefit your library team?


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