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Beyond The Lavender Keeper Reading Map

    We did it! Jo and I continually advocate for (intra and interlibrary) collaboration and staff development in reader services as a result of our research project. To support Fiona McIntosh as touring author for Get Reading! to three Queensland libraries, five of us got together to create the Beyond The Lavender Keeper Reading Map. It’s available online now through our libraries and on our blogs. View it online or download the pdf to print.
    I think the Get Reading! guide online should have a link to Trove like we have the catalogue links so that people could see if their libraries have each book. 
    You can download the first chapter of The Lavender Keeper to read via GR! 

    Thanks so much Sally Pewhairangi (Waimakariri Libraries), Jo Beazley (Toowoomba Regional Libraries), Louise Pieper (Gold Coast Libraries) and Tina Cavanough (Moreton Bay Region Libraries). I enjoyed working with you all, and I hope your communities love the reading map!

  • We collaborated on Googledrive and email.
  •  I’ve also added the books to our library’s GoodReads account so there is another way to  discover the titles. 
  • My favourite story so far was Kate Morton’s The Secret Keeper. The quote I used perfectly encapsulated the story and the theme of betrayal for me: ‘The pair of them huddled together and Dolly listened as Vivien said, ‘Go to the railway station and buy yourself a ticket. Get on that train and ride it all the way to the end of the line. Don’t look back.’ ‘

  • I love these comments about our previous reading map:
    (Cath Sheard) Wow! I love what you and Alison have created. It’s informative and visually exciting. 
    (Paul Brown) ..There is even a Trans-Tasman partnership happening at the moment between a New Zealand and an Australian librarian in the construction of a highly visual and engaging Reading Map.

    Are you one of the many who have enjoyed The Lavender Keeper and its sequel The French Promise? Are you inspired to go beyond these with our map? Happy reading!

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