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eBooks change everything

Woman using public wifi
to read outdoors
Image source: Brisbane Times

eBooks change everything. What are we doing to capture this massive market? I’ve thought for some time that we should be marketing in airports, at train stations, in public places. With ubiquitous free wifi we can get out of the library building and into the spaces where people are. If we say that eBooks are great for travellers, then we should place our product at their point of need. 

Stuck at the airport waiting for a flight? Download an eBook. 
Well over your 24kg bag limit and had to leave your novels at home? Download an eBook (or eMagazine).

Read this and be inspired to take action : Airport  libraries to the rescue.

Link to our project blog where we discussed doing bookclubs differently, including on a train (‘Commuter bookclubs: a community on the train’). And while SLWA provides print books in laundries, we could do the same with eBooks and eMagazines for the people who are sitting there waiting for their whites to go into the final spin.

If any public libraries are getting their eBook marketing out there in innovative ways, I would love to hear your ideas.

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