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Booktalks and reading maps: Beyond Chocolat

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all books from Beyond Chocolat
(idea via The Swiss Army Librarian)

Sally Pewhairangi and I created a sumptuous reading map in May to support a booktalk program and future book discovery. That was such a positive experience we’re doing it again.

Read about our Beyond Chocolat program at projectREADja  and here at Finding Heroes.

Fiona McIntosh, author of The Lavender Keeper and this year’s must-read The French Promise, will be touring Queensland in September. Our reading map program is designed to extend the value of Fiona’s visit for our communities. Her tour will be popular and we’ll then have a lot of people keen to read The Lavender Keeper (if they haven’t already), read her other books (we have 20 in the collection), and… then what? 

Invoking our developing contextual reader services knowledge, we’re creating a way for people to get the best reading experience from TLK by following its tangent themes. 

The best thing about this new reading map though, is that we have three more librarians and libraries joining us in a collaboration.  That’s five of us working together online, developing collection knowledge, creating resources for our communities to support their reading, and providing direct promotion for our collections (and getting to know each other better too).

If you’ve read The Lavender Keeper and have some ideas on which themes and books people would enjoy next, let me know! We could include your titles in the map.


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